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~We offer discounts for multiple vaccines! See our Special Offers page.

House calls and Peaceful Home Euthanasia

Home Comfort Veterinary Service

35 years of veterinary experience saves you money without sacrificing quality pet care!

Dr. Rex W. Urich is a second generation veterinarian who grew up in an era of reasonable costs and practical diagnostic solutions.  He has seen veterinary fees become prohibitive to pet ownership. Dr. Rex feels that he can find a way to help all people enjoy the rewards of pet companionship.

Experience is the Key to this goal!

Dr. Rex will work very hard to work within your budget. He will to apply his 50 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine (35 in Private Practice) to arrive at a solution without all the unnecessary tests and procedures that seem to be the norm today. Most importantly, he will advise you when the goal is unattainable and won't spend your money unwisely in cases where your pet's best interest is not served.

New Vet ! Dr Alan Kelley.

Dr. Rex and Dr Alan Offer Complete Services

Accurate Diagnosis and Treatment          All surgeries including orthopedics

Dentistry & Dental Radiographs       Complete Laboratory in-House

Ultrasound  Xrays                               Intensive/Crisis Care

Reproduction Specialty Service A.I. and Cesarian Sections

Specialty interest in Geriatrics,Dermatology,Behavior problems

Call today to schedule an appointment with a caring, compassionate doctor who takes veterinary medicine seriously. Dr. Rex will tailor a realistic treatment plan for your pet, working within your financial means. It's not every pet hospital in the Bend area that cares enough to work within a reasonable financial frame for your pet.

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Prepaid Total Health Coverage

Every one saves for vacation but never the pet getting sick 

is an old expression in vet medicine. After all, we hate even thinking of pets getting sick so we avoid planning though it's nearly inevitable that you will get unexpected surprises. Most likely when you can least afford it. Unless you have set up a savings account for your pets coverage, you really need to think about a monthly prepaid plan. Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital offers the proven economical way to even out pet care expense. And best of all, it pays for PREVENTATIVE care and yearly maintenance care that heads off big bills and catastrophic illness before maladies in our pets get serious and costly.

For as little as $19.00 per month you get unlimited office visits (no catches really!) plus no cost vaccinations as needed and discounts on all services done by us. Four different plans allow you to choose the discounts that fit your needs, 5%-20% off the regular prices of ALL services with increments in between.

Best of all it comes out of checking automatically and is always there at anytime without the need to set it aside. If you are caught off guard and put it on the credit card imagine the interest charges. Pet insurance products often exclude many problems, pre-existing conditions, recurrence of a previously insured condition and the offer wordings are difficult to understand. There’s no catches with our plan.

Please read the materials on this site and come in to discuss any questions or call. If you sign up on your next visit within 24 hrs, that exam is covered under your new plan!         


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