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J Doe
4 reviews
2 weeks ago
Known Dr. Rex for 27 years and he is amazing! Always taken such good care of all our furry family members. I've sent lots of people his way and they are also so pleased with him. Honesty, knowledgable and trustworthy!

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Erin D
1 review
3 weeks ago
We recently had our 5 year old Chihuahua in for a dental exam and cleaning. The staff was so friendly and loving towards our fur baby. We were 1st time clients of Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital and they were so welcoming. Yes there were extractions as well and we were notified by the Dr. himself via phone explaining all that had to be done and why. The Dr. even called the next day to check on her. WOW - we were extremely impressed with their professionalism as well as how caring all staff were. A big THANK YOU to ALL at Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital and I would highly recommend Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital.
Kristine Evans
2 reviews
11 months ago
My dog Ruger has been seen by Dr. Rex since he was 5 months old. He is now 4. Over the years Dr. Rex has been kind, gentle, and caring with our pup. Always thorough, yet patient when we have questions. Dr. Rex often phones after a visit as well to check on our pup to see how his symptoms are and how he is doing. Definitely caring toward animals. I highly recommend Dr. Rex

Thanks Dr Rex by

Erica Stroh - 01/30/2011

I have finally ,after some arduous searching, found a wonderful veterinarian in Bend, Oregon. My kitty, Bella, was plagued with digestive difficulties. We three different animal clinics around town. Each veterinarian requested some pretty darned expensive testing, much to the dismay of my wallet. Yet, despite elaborate lab work and several courses of medication, poor Bella was no better. Our neighbor recommended Dr. Rex W. Urich right here in Bend. We were told that Dr. Urich's billing rates were very reasonable and that his level of expertise was exceptional.Dr. Rex outlined a detailed regime including a modified feeding schedule, new foods, etc. He even called our home TWICE to follow up on Bella's condition!!! I know....hard to believe. But, it's true! And, the best part of my story...Bella is feeling great, and we have found a very competent and compassionate doctor to serve the medical needs of our pets. Thank you, Erica Stroh

Thank You for the care you and your staff have provided our pets by

Chuck Robinson - 01/26/2011

My family and I would like to "Thank You" for the care you and your staff have provided to our pets. We have been very impressed with the compassion and excellence in care that you demonstrate to us at every visit. Our animals have had their share of medical problems, recently. Every time our animals visit your clinic, Mt. Bachelor Veterinary Hospital, we can count on a follow up phone call from Dr. Rex and his staff, you all love animals and it definitely shows! We feel very secure knowing our pets have a safe and caring medical clinic to help heal their wounds and illnesses and, of course, to keep them healthy and happy, too!

Anne Barnett Bend Oregon May 4. 2014

Our pets have been under Dr. Rex's care for over 15 years and have always received a very high level of care, compassion and professionalism from him and his staff. Dr. Rex is knowledgeable and competent and takes the time to follow up with us. His staff is always friendly and helpful. We will always trust him with our pet's care and highly recommend him and Mt. Bachelor Veterinary Hospital!

Susan H  Bend March 12,2014 We have found Dr. Rex and his staff to be of the highest quality. When he purchased the practice from our former vet we didn't know anything about him but have come to hold him in the highest regard and soon found out that he was the vet of a friend of ours in San Mateo before moving to Bend. She is still in mourning. Her loss was our gain. Recently our 11 year old dog had a spinal stroke and was barely able to walk or control her hind quarters. The prognosis was not optimistic. Dr. Rex came in on a Saturday and began the first of 5 laser treatments. She showed remarkable progress over the course of the treatments and is now walking independently, negotiating the stairs and is back to jumping on the furniture. You can't go wrong with Dr. Rex who is dedicated to his patients. He is generous with his time and more than fair with his prices. See for yourself.

Jeanine Pollack  Bend Oregon

Dr. Rex Urich has been my vet for over 3 years now. In 2010, my dog Dorjie had a stubborn ear infection that had been mis-diagnosed by another vet. After months of repeated visits and much frustration, I heard about Dr. Rex and brought Dorjie in. Dr. Rex immediately won me over with his thorough approach and fine diagnostic skills, as well as his warm sense of humor. Dorjie had a yeast infection in his ears. Dr. Rex spent over an hour with us, and allowed me to be part of the exam and diagnostic procedures. He prescribed the proper medicine, and Dorjie's ears cleared up quickly with no re-occurrence. This was such a relief for me, after being told for months prior that my dog's ears were fine and I should stop worrying. They weren't fine, and I knew this and couldn't let it rest. I am so glad to

have found Dr. Rex here in Bend. He is very experienced, and has such a great bedside manner. His rates are very reasonable, and he really goes the extra mile in correctly diagnosing and coming up with successful treatment plans. A couple of years ago, I adopted a stray cat and named him Franke. I brought him into see Dr. Rex for shots. Franke has a mild case of feline herpes virus in his right eye, which I didn't know about. His eye would get squinty and red once in awhile, and exude a bit of reddish mucous. I, like many people in this day and age, had looked on the Internet and read that "this is normal, especially in orange tabby cats." Well, lesson to be learned, my poor cat suffered needlessly until I brought him in to see Dr. Rex. Dr. Rex noticed his eye and prescribed Lysine, which has worked beautifully. I wish I had brought him in sooner! Dr. Rex is a very warm and compassionate vet, with excellent diagnostic skills and over 3 decades of experience. I couldn't imagine a better vet, and am lucky to have found him here in Bend. I have recommended him to all my friends in the last 3 years, and everyone who goes to him loves him. From puppies and kittens to senior dogs and cats, Dr. Rex is the best!

Damien S. Bend   12/5/2020      

We have had nothing but positive experiences with Dr. Rex at Mt Bachelor Veterinary! Our first time going there was after our dog was attacked on a Friday afternoon around 2pm.  Our pup ended up with three puncture wounds and our normal vet said they didn't have time.  We've sent numerous referrals to them and still, no time.  That's when we found Mt. Bachelor.  They told us they would love to see him while they already had a full schedule.  They were so kind and took such good care of our pup. We have been going there ever since and are truly grateful for the outstanding care we receive every time. Just recently, he had to have an emergency surgery.  Due to a quick diagnoses, Dr Rex and his team were able to successfully save his life.  Once again, Mt. Bachelor was there for our fur baby.  He is direct and matter of fact especially when following up with you concerning your dogs health.  As a Medical Professional myself, I appreciate how thorough and informative Dr. Rex is.  Oh, one more thing... his pricing is fair, and won't push tests just to rack up a bill.  Three things that describe Mt. Bachelor; Compassion, Honesty and Integrity is what comes to mind when thinking about Dr. Rex and his team.