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Meet Our Team



 Dr Kerilynne McDowell.  


Licensed Technicians:

Tim Bailey and Muriel Beaudoin


Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital Bend Or Central Oregon 97702Denise, Certified Veterinary Technician

Denise is a Bend native, who left the area and came back! Denise began working in veterinary practices in 1999. She attended Yakima Valley Community College, graduating in Veterinary Technology in 2003. Denise has been with Mt Bachelor Veterinary Hospital since 2009. She  handles many administrative responsibilities in the clinic, in addition to being our lead Technician. You can find Denise out enjoying her family and critters when she's not at the hospital.

Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital Bend Or Central Oregon 97702

Muriel, Licensed Technician

Muriel hails from Paris France and has been a licensed technician for 20 years. She is seen here attending to a cat in the oxygen tank.

Mt Bachelor Vet Hospital Bend Or Central Oregon 97702Justine, Muriel Laurie Assistants Laurie (on right) and Justine (left)are always ready to assist you on the phone or at the front desk. Justine is new and training up quickly. She covers and assists everywhere and can help with any questions or needs. Laurie ,also is trained for every aspect of the clinics operation and is a wealth of info and help. Muriel(center) is on her 8 th year here and is a licensed tech but assists everywhere to help the clinic work smoothly.